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Hi, I am Kathleen. Welcome to my birthday blog!

This is where you can read and witness all about my annual “birthday celebration“. I started to be part of charity events ever since High School but it was only in 2009 that I feel the commitment behind it. I was with my former colleagues and we thought of hosting a birthday party in He Cares Foundation. It was stressful and tiring but it was all worth it on the day of the event. It was such a joy to see young children happy and having their time of their lives. In 2010, I joined another outreach program organized by the company in Tahanan ng Pagmamahal in lieu of our yearly Christmas party. Again, the gratefulness that these youngsters showed us is simply a heart-warming experience.

Because of those experiences, I thought of organizing something that is both meaningful and jubilant. Last 2011, I started my very own Birthday Project. This project aims to be my lifelong commitment to help communities in whatever way I can. My beneficiaries would of course depend on each year’s current situation. However, I assure you that most of them would be for the youth. I’ve always have my heart set for the kids and the young but I can always organize something for our elderly. With God’s grace, I am hoping that every year would only not be successful but also a fruitful and memorable experience for everyone.

Here’s the summary of my past projects:

Birthday Project 2011: Grace to be BornĀ 
a joint project with Coe Tolosa

Birthday Project 2012: Children’s Party for the Street Kids at Don Bosco Manila
a joint project with Coe Tolosa

Birthday Project 2013: Bridge Run – Fundraising Event for Starlight Children’s Foundation


For concerns and suggestions, you can email:

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Kathleen,
    This is so sweet. Happy birthday darling with all the best wishes.

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