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A Day in Grace To Be Born Shelter

Yesterday was the moment I’ve been waiting for to give the donations for my birthday project this year. It has been postponed for weeks now since we can’t find a schedule that fits us all.

To give you a brief background how this activity transpires, I started a project on my birth month which was last September. This project hopes to extend and inspire people to share their blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. With this, I hope that I can make this a lifelong commitment to contribute to communities that needs help. To know more, you can visit my other blog: Birthday Projects


The whole gang in Grace To Be Born

Anyway, first of all I would like to thank all who participated physically and financially to make this project of mine possible. I’ve gathered a total of Php 16,000 for the benefit of Grace to Be Born shelter. The donations came from my family and friends and I would like to mention them to show my gratitude for supporting me in my project. Your generosity means a lot.

Thank you to the following:

Jun Dolor, Richard Tan, Nico Orillano, Mimi Haron, Jeng Sunga, Kath Gonzales, Maan Mangubat, Andrew Abalos, Cha Roque, Es Vega and someone Anonymous

So here’s what happened when we visited the shelter yesterday. By the way, since it was moved almost reaching the month of November, Coe decided to join me in this project so it was like a double celebration for us, my birthday project plus Coe’s birthday too. ^_^

We were scheduled to visit the shelter at 4:00pm. We went in two batches since we can’t fit in one car. Me, Andrew, Ate Cha, Kuya Sheldon and Jim was first to arrive in the place. To moment we were settled, they all lined up and sat in front of us, I need to start communicating and doing some adlibs while waiting for the next batch. Actually, I’m not prepared to speak in front of them since I thought that Coe is the one in charge of the program. I have no choice since they were all looking at me. So I just talk and inform them of why we were there. I also started asking their names for their names written on their crowns.


We mingled with them and joke around. Also, two babies were isolated because they have cough and flu. And there I knew baby Nicole. She is a one year old cute jolly girl who has skin asthma and was abandoned by her mom after she gave birth to her.


After a couple of minutes, the rest of the gang arrived. They hurriedly fixed their things and started the program. Coe introduced herself and started the game: Diaper Relay. Oh boy, those moms are so competitive! Hahaha!


Coe looking for someone who can demo how to diaper a baby


The winner team was able to get a prize from us sponsored by yours truly. After the game, the two doctors were kind enough to share their knowledge and gave the mothers and soon to be moms some tips and information about breast feeding. Everyone was happy especially when we raffled out some teddy bears that was sponsored by Zeny Gomez and 2 major items: Diaper Bag with Goodies! (that was sponsored by Daven Arcega) Not only that, Kuya Sheldon also gave Php 500 each for the last 2 moms that wasn’t picked during the raffle plus a gift pack.


The doctors are seriously communicating with moms


While we were having fun in the visitor’s area, Andrew and Jim went to the Nursery Room to check the babies. They were accompanied by Ms. Aira of Grace to Be Born and informed them how young the babies were. They had their own time there!


Andrew inside the Nursery Room

After the fun time, we decided to pray and eat the food we brought to the center. We allotted Php 1000 for the food and the rest would be given to the shelter in cash. They prefer donations in cash so that they can pay the rent and other miscellaneous stuff the shelter needs to pay to continue their operation.

Before we finally dig in to the food, we surprised Coe for her birthday on November 3! ^_^


A Surprise Gift for Coekie


We had pizzas, pansit and bread, cakes that was sponsored by Jim and of course drinks for everyone. We had juice for the moms and soda for us!


Time to Eat!

After eating, we had our time to mingle and talk to moms and know their stories. It was nice talking to them and we enjoyed hearing their stories. It was sad but inspiring as well. They are empowered women to be proud of. They are heroes on their own way since they’ve decided not to abort the baby and keep it. It takes a lot of strength to decide something like that.


Mingling with the babies

I gave the donation with the sum of Php 15,000 since Php 1,000 was used for the food. Grace to be Born gave me a book by Rey Ortega entitled: Crazy Love for The Poor as a token of appreciation.


We all had a fruitful day and I’m sure everyone had a great time. It was a different experience for each one and I bet for the moms too.

Thank you for the opportunity and God bless us all.

Grace To Be Born
53 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Kapasigan, Pasig City
Tel No.: 5010965
Facebook Page:

You can see the rest of the pictures in my Facebook Page: 2011 Birthday Project: Grace To Be Born

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Gift Giving on November

I apologize for not being true to my word. -_-

As I’ve mentioned before, I should give the proceeds by the first Saturday of October. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to do that.

It’s almost the 3rd week of October and I haven’t visited the shelter yet. Don’t be discouraged, I assure you that I’ll give all your donations to the shelter and won’t compromise any of your kind gestures. It is fortunate that my friend Coe is also interested to join and would like to celebrate her birthday in the foundation. She will be celebrating her birthday on November 3, so most likely we would celebrate it on the first Saturday of November.

Again, thank you very much for your generosity. I will update you from time to time of what’s happening in this project of ours.

God bless your generous hearts. ^_^

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Thank you for your donations!

It’s already mid September and I’m happy to inform you that a number of my friends already supported my Birthday Project. I’m so overwhelmed with the generosity that my friends showed me.

As of today, I already have Php 11,400 on hand for the benefit of Grace to Be Born shelter. I’ll be meeting up friends by next week for their in-kind donations.

Again, thank you so much for your kindness. This will make a difference to you and to the shelter we’re helping.

God bless!

== UPDATE As of 2011-10-20 ==

I already have Php 16,000 for the benefit of Grace to be Born shelter.

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Featured in Manila Bulletin column of KCAT CAN!

KCAT CAN is a column in Manila Bulletin that is written by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza.

Kcat Yarza

photos grabbed from

Kcat is one of my schoolmates in Don Bosco School, Sta. Mesa. She is a batch higher than me. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) in August 2004 and from then on struggling with all the complications of her ailment. However, despite of these challenges she’s encountering in her life, she remains to be positive in life and believes that while there is life, there is hope.

Her article This journey called life was featured in Manila Bulletin who definitely inspired a lot of people all over the world. Because of this, she was on the top of the list of Manila Bulletin’s Top 10 who can and already a contributor of MB’s Students and Campuses’ special education (Monday) issue.

Today’s column, Bayanihan and Baby Liam shares about Baby Liam‘s condition and is helping them raise fund for his treatments. The baby was born prematurely with a severe chronic lung disease. His family is now asking for help buy his medications to be able to survive.

Kcat Manila Bulletin Article

In line with this, she also featured my Birthday Project 2011 since it is for the benefit of Grace to Be Born‘s shelter. A home for unwed mothers and abandoned babies.


Kathleen is one of my schoolmates in high school. She is celebrating her birthday this September. She finds joy in giving to the needy through the small projects she has joined in, so she decided to celebrate her birthday by doing a worthwhile project.

Her chosen beneficiary is “Grace Be Born Ministries”. It is a non-profit shelter for unwed mothers to be and abandoned babies. Currently, the ministry is in need of diapers, formula milk, feeding bottles, maternity and baby clothes, toiletries, and other household items. You may donate in goods and in kind, just visit:

Truly, she continues to inspire people and even extends her help to those who are also in need. A remarkable act of generosity is only one of the many impressive traits that you can find in Kcat. May we all be moved and be influenced by her great love and compassion of life.

Kcat Yarza

photo from

To know more about KCAT, you can check out her online accounts listed here:

Personal Page and Online Store
Facebook Fan Page

If you have questions about KCAT, you can reach her thru

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A Message from Grace To Be Born

I just got a response from Mrs. Myrna T. Ortega who is in-charge of Grace To Be Born shelter. Here’s her message to all of us:

Thank you so much for thinking of Grace to be Born and your wish to share your blessings with our shelter.

At the moment we have 12 mothers-to-be and 11 babies in the nursery. We exist thru the generosity of people who wish to share their blessings with the lost, the least, the last.

We will appreciate whatever will be shared with our babies and pregnant mothers-to be in crisis.

God bless you!

You’re very much welcome Mrs. Ortega for the information and update. We are happy that we can be of help in any way. :) God bless you and the staff of Grace to Be Born too!

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Participate and Join Birthday Project

Hi Friends,

I’ve been receiving positive response from family and friends and I’m thankful and happy for your generosity.

Here’s 3 simple options you can donate:

1. In KIND

To be more specific, here’s what each option means:

1. In Kind
You can donate anything from the receiver’s NEED List. You can either send it thru post/courier or just send me and SMS (if I know you personally) and meet me up in Megamall or somewhere Ortigas area.

Post Address: Kathleen Madula
c/o 506 Yakal Street Comembo Fort Bonifacio
Makati Philippines 1217

You can deposit thru bank or give it to me personally if you want to give your donation in Cash.
Bank deposits can be made thru BDO or BPI.

Banco De Oro [BDO]
Account Name: Kathleen Madula
Savings Account Number: 280689306

Bank of the Philippine Islands [BPI]
Account Name: Kathleen Madula
Savings Account Number: 4019009624

Some might want to send thru Paypal. Maybe some generous people overseas who wants to participate and donate. They can send their donations by click on the Paypal button ‘DONATE’ seen in this page, or the Paypal logo on the sidebar.

If you have questions and clarifications, kindly email me. Thanks so much for your interest to join this Project. :)

You can also click ‘DONATE NOW’ page for details.

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Grace to Be Born Basic Needs

As I’ve mentioned, you can also send in kind donations. Currently, the ministry that we’re helping needs the following:


  1. Diapers (Newborn, S, M and L)
  2. Bonna Formula Milk for 0-6 month-old babies
  3. Bonnamil Formula Milk for 6-12 month-old babies
  4. Feeding Bottles
  5. Old Maternity or Baby dresses
  6. Mittens and Booties
  7. Toiletries for MOTHERS – tissue paper, soap, shampoo, toothpastes, toothbrush, adult diapers, sanitary napkins
  8. Toiletries for BABIES – baby shampoo and soap, baby lotion, powder, baby oil, cotton, alcohol, etc.
  9. Food and other Household Items (i.e. rice, sugar, biscuits, canned goods, dish washing liquid, powdered or bar detergents, cleaning agents, etc.)

If you can think of anything they need that is not listed above, feel free to send it to. Rest assured, I’ll acknowledge you and the gifts that you’ll be sending will be given to them in person.

Remember, God loves a cheerful giver! ^_^


Birthday Project 2011

Welcome to my Birthday Project 2011!

This whole month of September 2011 will be for the benefit of Grace to Be Born ministry. All donations collected in kind, cash or thru paypal will be given to the person in charge of the ministry.

What is Grace to Be Born Ministry?
Grace To Be Born is a shelter for women in crisis. The name of the shelter expresses its philosophy: that to be born is a grace. Thus Grace To Be Born provides refuge to unwed pregnant mothers who do not want to resort to abortion. It also serves as an orphanage to abandoned babies.

I’ve always believed that children is the hope for our future. The values, the character and attitude of people today can be tracked back when they were young. It has always been a happy and wonderful experience being a child. Therefore, I strongly believe that abandoned children and innocent children in their mother’s womb should not suffer. They have a right to experience God’s gift to us: Life. My friend suggested me to reach out to this ministry and so I’m doing my part to help them.

This is not a scam or anything that sort. This is a pure act of sharing. With this, I will be posting all the donations I will be receiving from family, friends, readers and strangers. This is to be transparent of what I’m doing. Yes I know some will doubt my sincerity that’s why I placed an option to send items in kind. I also added an option to send donations thru Paypal for those living overseas.

You can check Donate Now page on how you can donate.

The solicitation will end on September 31, 2011. All donations and gifts will be given to Grace to be Born the next day, October 1, 2011 as completion of my project.

Thank you so much for those who believes in my project and will donate in any way they can. ^_^

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