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Birthday Project 2012: Sponsors needed!

This would be the last week of September and would definitely extend the solicitation and donation request up until the 2nd week of October.

We are again asking for your kindness to be part of this project. Our initiative wouldn’t be possible and successful without your help.

Any kind of donation would be appreciated. A gift of presence and service is definitely okay. Just inform us ahead of time as I still need to coordinate transportation and food.

Here’s our e-card to be sent to friends via email:


Again, here’s how you can help us:

1. Cash Deposit via BPI or BDO

2. Paypal

3. In kind donation for the kid’s loot bags.

For In Kind donations, kindly prepare at least 50pcs of whatever it is you want to donate as we’re stretching our capacities and challenging ourselves to not only invite 30 street kids but accommodate up to 50 kids! It would be more fun and enjoyable seeing a lot of kids sharing and playing together.

Let’s all make this possible. Besides, it’s BER months already. You might want to give it to them not only as our birthday gift but a Christmas gift for them as well.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

God bless you kind hearts.

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Gift Giving on November

I apologize for not being true to my word. -_-

As I’ve mentioned before, I should give the proceeds by the first Saturday of October. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to do that.

It’s almost the 3rd week of October and I haven’t visited the shelter yet. Don’t be discouraged, I assure you that I’ll give all your donations to the shelter and won’t compromise any of your kind gestures. It is fortunate that my friend Coe is also interested to join and would like to celebrate her birthday in the foundation. She will be celebrating her birthday on November 3, so most likely we would celebrate it on the first Saturday of November.

Again, thank you very much for your generosity. I will update you from time to time of what’s happening in this project of ours.

God bless your generous hearts. ^_^

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